Want a jacket like the one Katie Preston wore for the Badminton Horse Trials trot-up?

Did you love Katie Preston's "skew-whiff" Tweed jacket? The commentators on Badminton Radio certainly did. 

Katie's unique, colourful Tweed jacket was handmade by The Little Tweed Company, founder Heather Oldfield explained that, "Katie wanted to wear something beautiful and bright but also practical. We designed the jacket with varied angles to flow with her movement when running alongside her horse TJ (Templar Justice), used green to represent the countryside, and partnered it with pinks and purples to bring femininity to the angular structure. We also included a touch of leather edging to capture the equestrian heart of the piece."

Heather Oldfield is the founder of The Little Tweed Company which is run from her family farmhouse in rural Lincolnshire. As well as stunning bespoke creations Heather and her team design and make a range of Tweed accessories including headbands, capes and children's clothes.