Have a great weekend

We haven't done one of these for ages, but, as this weekend's weather is going to be shall we say changeable Ponyhour thought you might appreciate some links from around the web for your weekend reading:

Essential reading for every horse owner: Things you should and should not put on a horse's wound 

How much do you know about hoof abscesses? Horse hoof abscess facts

Feedmark's equine nutritionist suggests 7 tips to help protect your horse from irritating flies 

"Recent research found that horses like sweet-tasting water, & even a small amount of sweetener added to the water can mask bitter tastes and make it more appealing to equines" Learn about how electrolyte loss affects horse, the dangers of dehydration and how to prevent it 

Sometimes horses break our hearts 

Around 175,000 horses are registered as purebred Morgans and every single one of them is descended from Justin Morgan's little horse Figure Justin Morgan's Horse

Super interview with Carly J Rawlinson of The pony Power Trust over on Guiding Horses

Finally this made Ponyhour smile tiny model horses are being tethered to Portland's antique horse rings around the city Portland Horse Rings

Happy Reading!