Why horses should be one of the 7 deadly sins


Horses can cause the 7 deadly sins, now before you splutter nonsense read on:

Lust - A strong desire for something

Admit it, horses bring about the strong desire to own one, or more of your own or if not to own then to spend time with them.


Who amongst horse lovers hasn't ever envied the horse owner? 

Who amongst horse owners has never felt a twinge of envy over someone else's horse? "I wish my horse was a calm as yours" etc etc

Greed - an intense, selfish desire for something

Could the accumulation of rugs be classified as greed, possibly when you have a dozen or so for one horse. Could accumulation of numnahs be classed as greedy, possibly when the pile of numnahs starts to tumble you probably have more than you need.

See where we're coming from? What's your vice? What horsey thing can't you resist buying even when you don't NEED another?

Gluttony - habitual greed

Few would deny that horses can be an addiction, even when you have a horse ( or two ...) the desire for another is often only resisted due to practicalities. Same with the accoutrements that horses and their owners require, "just one more matchy matchy set, then no more". Until the next time.


Oh you can deny this one if you like, horses are hard work and no one could possibly call you lazy or slothful considering all that mucking out, watering, haying up...

Or could they?

Horses can cause you to be slothful in other areas of your life. Was dinner late because you collapsed on the sofa when you got back from the yard? Just an example.


Whilst anger should have no place around horses, you've maybe felt wrathful with regard to another horse owner's behaviour. 

Furious when your forager supplier lets you down.

Need we say more?

Pride - "a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements"

Well, Ponyhour sincerely hopes that you do feel a sense of pride for your equestrian achievements and your beautiful horse!

So readers which of the 7 deadly sins do horses make you commit?