Have a Stress Free Weekend with the Ponyhour Round Up of Holiday Gift Guides

It's the annual "Holiday Gift Guide" obligatory blog post time so Ponyhour thought we'd do a round up of some of the Gift Guides we've seen so far. In no particular order:

Sam over at Haynet has compiled a Countryside Christmas Gift Guide

as has Tara Punter Country Christmas Gift Guide  but that's not all she also brings us The Equestrian Christmas Gift Guide

Equine portrait photographer and country lifestyle blogger Sophie Callahan presents  a "Stress Free Country Christmas Gift Guide" and we call use some stress free shopping for gifts couldn't we!

From the USA Carly Kade suggests "8 spur jingling #holiday#giftideas for the #horselover"

Also from across the pond The Unadorned Equestrian has compiled a Holiday Gift Guide with The Equestrian in Mind

For our yard dogs, lorry dogs, constant companion dogs we have

The Cotswold Spaniels Christmas Gift Guide with the gift ideas modeled by the lovely Woody and Wilma and

Rachel Spenser's The Pa…

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Have a fun weekend