Have a Happy Easter Weekend

Happy Easter to you all!

We've rounded up some links from around the web for your weekend reads:

Enjoying the new season of Game of Thrones  then you'll enjoy this interview with Game of Thrones horse Master Camilla Naprous "with pride, she notes that a horse has never been injured during the show's eight-season run"  

He may have voluntarily given up his driving licence but Prince Philip still holds the reins when it comes to carriage driving 

We're enjoying some fabulous sunshine at the moment but it's bound to turn to rain sooner or later bringing more risk of laminitis here's 10 early signs of laminitis to watch out for

Not horsey but so very important as we face climate catastrophe "We need to understand that accounting for climate change isn't a luxury or an evil: it's an essential part of every decision we make" Katherine Hayhoe on climate change

Dr Patty Hogan on the future of Harness racing as animals rights activists continue the…

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Horse and Man ~ this week's Ponyhour Blog of The Week

Rescue Pony of The Week ~ Spindles Farm Survivor Ginger now living in retirement at Frugaldom Scotland

Have a great weekend

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Rescue Pony of The Week ~ Herbie saved by Horse Sense Wirral who are also the Ponyhour Blog of The Week

Have a relaxing weekend

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See our Rescue Pony of The Week Kevin at Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society April 7th

Cheryl Nosworthy ~ Ponyhour Equine Artist of The Month

Good bye Tootsie ~ the world's oldest mule dies at The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland

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