Rescue Pony of The Week ~ un-named SAFE are trying to rescue her

Last week we featured Serguro and Luca rescued by SAFE - Saving Abandoned fly grazing Equines as our Ponyhour rescue Ponies of The Week and now we've just heard that SAFE is desperately trying to raise enough funds so that they can offer their last remaining space to a filly cob dumped on the road in Basingstoke. 

Here's what has happened as told by SAFE - Saving Abandoned Fly Grazing Equines please read and help if you can: 

"This morning a young filly cob was dumped onto a road in Basingstoke from a transit van. A kind family saw it happen and as the pony was in a dangerous situation, they walked her to their home and put her in their back garden. They then called the Police who told them, as the pony is now secured, they have no responsibility for it.
They called the RSPCA and an officer visited them. As the pony was not in a dire state, the officer was unable to take it into their care. 
The officer called all the horse charities she could think of, including us. We told …

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