An insight into Reiki... By Keeley Dixon, Keeley’s Pet Service

Everything we see that physically surrounds us was once a thought, an unseen manifestation. I always ask the question of what makes your heart beat? What is the force behind that? Energy. Just like electricity, you can’t see it until you plug in an appliance and it harnesses the power, which then enables you to be able to use it. We are energy, plugged into a human body. The body harnesses our energy to operate so that we can live in this physical reality. Our energetic body has seven main energy centres, known as chakras. Each one representing a colour of the rainbow. There are many more chakras but in this article I will be focusing on the main ones. Although they are not physically visible, from personal experience they can be felt and seen on psychic levels, sometimes by vibration, the swirling of energy and through the radiation of heat/cold. I would describe them as a vortex.
Each chakra represents the area of the physical body that they reside. Any physical, emotional and menta…

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